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Lasholic Coating Essence will nourish and moisturize lashes. It has been designed to promote lash growth and lash health.


Recommend to who?

- Broken eyelashes due to using an eyelash curler or artificial eyelashes

- Eyelashes fall out every timeyou removeeye makeup

- Eyelashes weakened bylash lift orlash extension


Main ingredient

Peptide (Nutrition & Moisturising), Sewage extract (Nutrition supply) Japanese honeysuckle extract (Hair development), Bottle grass extract (Hair regrowth), Acante oil extract (Hair loss prevention)


How to use

After completing basic care, use in a dry condition. Leave a gap of 1-2mm from the roots and apply the essence evenly distributed. Continuous use is recommended, twice a day, for 3-4 weeks or more.


Why we recommend Eyelash Coating Essence?

Point 1.

You can even use it after getting eyelash extension or eyelash lift done

Point 2.

You can use it on eyebrows, hairlines and eyelashes

Premium Lasholic Eyelash Coating Essence

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