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  • Enriched with 14 effective natural and herbal ingredients, applying Lashtree Tonic & Essence ensures that eyelashes receive the nourishment it needs with minimal irritation to the eyes and eyelashes.


    What are the natural ingredients?

    Green tea extract, Bamboo extract, Boragee extract, Tangerine peel extract, Mushroom, Crown extract, Herbal extract, Perennial herb extract, Hwanggi extract, Doen extract, Pear tree, Leaf Puerariae extract, Gingko leaf extract, Culu root extract


    The active components in Lashtree Tonic & Essence work directly on the eyelash growth cycle at this stage, stimulating eyelash growth for healthier and stronger lashes. Regular use maintains these benefits, ensuring lasting lash health.


    Applying this nutrient-rich Eyelash Tonic from root to tip promotes healthier lashes with a radiant glow. Unlike regular mascara, which can make lashes stiff and weak, Lashtree Essence hydrates, strengthens, and absorbs quickly to keep lashes supple and strong.


    -How to use-

    Step 1 LASH TONIC (Eyeliner type side) : After cleansing and drying your face, before applying skin lotion, apply it to the roots of your eyebrows & eyelashes following the line as if drawing eyeliner every morning and night


    Step 2 LASH ESSENCE (Mascara type side) : After applying lash tonic, apply it every morning and night from the root to the root tip of the eyelashes outwards as if combing. Make sure to apply thoroughly between eyebrows & eyelashes

    Lashtree Tonique & Essence

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